Communications Director

"I’ve always been curious about the world around me—asking questions, finding answers, then asking more questions. I love Neutrino Day because it feeds my curiosity. I the energy of the team, the hands-on activities, fantastic speakers, the excitement of children.”

Constance has been working in communications and events planning for 30 years. She can honestly say Neutrino Day is her favorite events of all time.

Constance has been coordinating Neutrino Day since 2014. As coordinator, she runs from place to place during the event, making sure everyone has what they need and helping where she can. One Neutrino Day, she logged 25,000 steps. After recovering, she began planning for the next year. Constance credits the amazing Neutrino Day team for making the free science festival a success year after year. After two years in a virtual Neutrino Day world, she is looking forward to seeing how this “live and in-person” event unfolds. “There is always something that surprises me and I can’t wait to see what that will be this year. Truly, it’s like second Christmas.”

Constance Walter