Administrative Assistant and Neutrino Day Volunteer Coordinator

“It gives me the opportunity to see how a diverse group of underground explorers, hands-on activity leaders, scientists, support staff and community members bring science, technology, engineering and math to the surface, inspiring curious minds of all kinds.”

Natasha loves to explore new places, both far away and close to home. Her adventures have taken her below the surface while swimming in a cenote (water-filled sinkhole) in Mexico, tagging along for a tour through Jewel Cave in the Black Hills, and chatting with an astrophysicist and a group of students on the 4850 level of an underground science lab in Lead, South Dakota. This science lab is also where she gets to see first-hand how teams of people are involved in sharing discovery with the world. In her early days at the lab, she was unwittingly swept up into the annual science festival known as Neutrino Day.  

Natasha Wheeler