Education and Outreach Director

“Math is truly about patterns—noticing patterns, describing patterns, figuring out shortcuts for patterns, figuring out what patterns can tell us. You see that everywhere at SURF."

Nicol Reiner taught math for many years—and loves it. She moved out of the classroom a few years ago, but she has never stopped teaching. She just does it in different ways. As the director of Education and Outreach at SURF, Nicol works with her team to develop K-12 curriculum development, classroom presentations, field trips and outreach—all designed to encourage students to think critically. And math is a big part of that.

She’s excited about Neutrino Day because it offers the opportunity to engage kids of all ages in hands-on activities and, along the way, inspire a new generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Nicol Reiner headshot