Education Specialist / Neutrino Wrangler

“I was fortunate to go through 40 years of life experiencing the bliss of ignorance about the existence and activity of neutrinos.” 

Chad’s blissful ignorance ended when he answered a “help wanted” add for the Quarknet Center of Black Hills State University and the Sanford Underground Research Facility. “I was thrown into chaos and confusion as neutrinos became a permanent and inescapable part of my life!”

For the past 15 years Chad has been trying to understand, direct, control and even communicate with these relentless tiny particles as they travel through the matter of the earth—and his daily activities. “I try to negotiate with neutrinos to reveal the slightest hints of who they really are. And I have tried to share that with the next generation of researchers who will help mankind unlock the mysteries they hold. I am a Neutrino Wrangler, proud to guide and foster the relationship between fundamental particles and fun particle research!”

Chad Ronish